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He meets her dramatically, and she comes to hate him quickly.

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You know, that love-hate relationship that most of us are suckers for. On that note, he also won me over the quickest out of the three suitors.

Whirlwind Girl 10(Hu Bingqing,Yang Yang,Chen Xiang,Bai Jingting)

And I rarely have second-lead syndrome. I blame it all on his lopsided smile.

With such an interesting character how can I not love him? The most obvious problem he creates is a jealous Fang Ting Yi.


I like how her character redeems herself later on, proving her worthy as a formidable competitor. Her being partnered with Hu Yi Feng is the cutest thing in this drama. Last but not least, the main of our main characters is Qi Bai Cao. Except maybe, just maybe, I can understand why Ruo Bai is so devoted to her.

In the very first episode he says he loves Yuan Wu Dao and he loves those who persevere. The Story.

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The drama emphasizes hard work and consistent effort is the key to success. I enjoyed all the fight scenes and how Bai Cao improved after each competition. I also loved how the drama delicately handled each competitor. No one was sacrificed to advance the plot, something that I find absolutely rare in Cdramas. The romance also surprised me.

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The love story is simple and not overdone. Until next week, The Whirling Girl aka Sandy. And many thanks for your continued support. Remember, new readers can sign up here to subscribe for more :. Adventures of a Whirling Girl. Sign in. Get started. Merhaba, Buenos Dias y Hola,. Sandy Merrill Follow.

Adventures of a Whirling Girl Thoughts from a 64 year old girl at heart as I travel the world, and create a brand new ending to my story. Travel Adventure Turkey. Adventures of a Whirling Girl Follow. Thoughts from a 64 year old girl at heart as I travel the world, and create a brand new ending to my story.

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