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A symbol of kings, kingdoms, or power. Seven horns indicate enormous power. Islands — European states. Jerusalem — The capital of Judea and the seat of the temple becomes a symbol of the church of Christ. Jezebel — An unholy woman is a symbol of an unholy influence in the church.

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Key — A symbol of power to deliver or imprison, to open heaven or hell, or to shut them; of power to save or destroy. Lamb — The symbol of a sinless, sacrificial offering. The Lamb of God is Christ slain as a lamb from the foundation of the world. Locusts — The locusts, a devouring pest bred in the deserts of Arabia, are a symbol of devouring Arabian armies.

The Arabians under Mohammed. Mountain — Some person or power conspicuous among men.

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Highly elevated. A great prince or government. A burning mountain is a baleful, destructive power. Moon — A symbol of powers, rulers and great men which are not supreme. A light which shines by reflecting another light. Merchants — A symbol of those who make a gain of godliness and traffic in religious privileges. Red Horse — An image of cruel, bloody war, distinguished by awful carnage. River of Life — Christ is the fountain of life.

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The abundant, ever flowing life that Christ bestows, is fitly symbolized by a river. The river, and tree, of life mean essentially the same. Scarlet — This color, the color of blood, symbolizes bloody cruelty. A scarlet woman is a persecuting church. Stars — Shining lights in the world.

Conspicuous men, whether in the church or the state. Sun — As the great light giver, in one sense a symbol of Christ. Also a supreme ruler.

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The moon and stars indicate great lights of society, but inferior to the sun. Sword — A symbol of slaughter. Also of conquest. A sword in the hand indicates by carnal weapons. A sword proceeding from the mouth indicates conquests by the word of God. Temple of God — The church of which the tabernacle and temple were types. The temple of God in heaven, open, is the abode of God, heaven itself, the church above. Trumpet — The blast of a trumpet signifies the forward march of armies, carnal or spiritual.

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Also the proclamation of war or peace. Time — Time, times and half a time is an annual revolution of the earth, a year, two years, a half year, or three and a half years. White — To be clothed in white is to be innocent, pure, and to be triumphant. Winds — Symbol of commotion; of mighty movements. Witness — The two witnesses are the two Testaments, for such is the meaning of the latter word. The Great Harlot is the false, faithless, apostate church. The church is often symbolized by a bride, or a woman bearing children. The Bible describes a geocentric universe with the globe earth at the center!

The enemy is using the lie of heliocentrism to push their evolution doctrine, to deceive people and to steal glory from the Creator. Every believer needs to read this Bible study book. Revelation Symbols Defined.

Unveiling the Symbolism in Revelation

Ascension to Heaven — Exaltation in power and glory. Black — The color of mourning; hence a symbol of calamity and sorrow. Blood — A symbol of the carnage of war. Bridegroom — Jesus Christ. Yahusha Candlestick — A symbol of a church, which should be a light in the world. Darkness — The well known symbol of calamity and affliction. Death — A symbol of destruction. Elders — Probably princes of righteousness. Flood — Symbol of overpowering. Distress from persecution or any cause.

Forehead — A mark in the forehead means a public profession. Fornication — Idolatry.

Incense — The prayers of the saints. A government; a kingdom. Lion — A symbol of kingly power. Manna — The bread of life. The truth of Christ. Measuring Rod — The standard by which the church is measured.

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The Word. Palm — A symbol of joy or victory. Pale Horse — An image of desolating war, and a reign of death. Rod — The symbol of rule. The rod of iron is a symbol of resistless sway. Seven — The perfect number. Throne — A symbol of authority. Wine Press — A symbol of an effusion of blood and of distress.

John mostly preached to Jews as well. Gal And when James, Cephas, and John, who seemed to be pillars, perceived the grace that was given unto me, they gave to me and Barnabas the right hands of fellowship; that we should go unto the heathen, and they unto the circumcision. So it would be clear that the seven churches of Asia Minor, who were formerly jewish proselyte believers, were given writings predominantly filled with Judaic covenant references! The churches in that day who did not even have Hebrew members, always used Old Testament scriptures in teaching and in worship.

Revelation 7 has the , sealed on their foreheads. Revelation mentions the seal and mark of God.