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There are new estimates in the historical literature that claim that the real number may be closer to , Lincoln never admitted that the Southern states were out of the union and that secession was legitimate. He always considered every Southerner, from Rob- ert E. Lee to the lowliest yeoman farmer, to be a U. His waging of total war on his own citizens, therefore, qualifies as an act of democide as defined by Professor Rummel.

They believed that the union was voluntary, that the free and inde- pendent states were sovereign, and that they had a right to join or not join the union. The population of the United States in was about one-tenth of what it was in the early twenty- first century. If the new estimates of some , Southern deaths comes to be accepted, then the Lincoln regime would be more than twice as bad as the Pol Pot and North Korean communists and four times worse than the Vietnamese communists in terms of democide.

The war had nothing to do with national defense and was purely an act of imperialism on the part of the U.

Sumner also forecast what was to come, and what America is today: the policeman of the world, with a military presence in over one-hundred countries, with endless meddling in the affairs of just about everyone on the planet. What shall we now take in order to secure the Philippines? We shall need to take China, Japan, and the East Indies Of course this means that On June 27, , barely two months after the end of the war, General William Tecumseh Sherman was given command of the Military District of the Missouri, which was one of five military divisions the government had divided the country into.

There was never any attempt to hide the fact that the war against the Plains Indians was, first and foremost, an indirect subsidy to the government-subsidized transcontinental railroads. I put myself in communication with the parties en- gaged in the work, visiting them in person, and I assured them that I would afford them all possible assistance and encouragement. Other former Union Army officers joined in the slaughter. This included John Pope, O.

Ord, C. Now the army, in its Indian warfare, often wiped out entire villages. Sherman insisted that the only answer to the Indian problem was all-out war — of the kind he had utilized against the Confederacy. Orders were given to kill everyone and everything, including dogs.

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One of the first attacks was the notori- ous Sand Creek Massacre of November There was a Cheyenne and Arapaho village located on Sand Creek in southeastern Colorado that had been assured by the U. They were acclaimed as conquering heroes, which was what they had sought mainly. There seemed to be indiscriminate slaughter of men, women and children.

The squaws offered no resistance.

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Every one. So he decided to just kill everyone, women and children included. Marshall, who was the U. Army during the Filipino revolt against American imperialism.

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No such modesty and sense of reality occupies the mind of a more re- cent Nobel laureate, Paul Krugman. As a New York Times columnist he has always done what all New York Times columnists do — pretend that he does in fact know everything about everything. Lee was in his thirty-second year as an officer in the United States Army, performing mostly as a military engineer. Grant, by contrast, was the overseer of an acre slave plantation owned by his wealthy father- in-law. The plantation, located near St. The Lincoln administration insti- tuted the first federal military conscription law, and then ordered thou- sands of Northern men to their death in the savage and bloody Napoleonic charges that characterized the war.

When tens of thousands of Northern men deserted, the Lincoln administration commenced the public execu- tion of deserters on a daily basis. When New Yorkers rioted in protest of military conscription, Lincoln ordered 15, soldiers to the city where they murdered hundreds, and perhaps thousands of draft protesters see Iver Bernstein, The New York City Draft Riots. It also recruited thousands of European mercenaries, many of whom did not even speak English, to arm themselves and march South to supposedly teach the descendants of James Madison, Patrick Henry, and Thomas Jefferson what it really meant to be an American.

The North waged war on Southern civilians for four long years, murdering at least 50, of them. It bombed cities like Atlanta for days at a time when they were occupied by no one but civilians, and U. Krugman is right about democracy in a sense: Democracy is essentially one big organized act of bullying whereby a larger group bullies a smaller group in order to plunder it with taxes. He followed through with his threat. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so. Senate, which it did and the House of Representatives as well.

Thus, mere minutes after taking an oath to protect the constitutional liberties of American citizens, Abraham Lincoln threatened to orchestrate the mur- der of many of those same citizens. What would cause a president to wage war on his own citizens whose liberties he had just pledged to protect? He promised to murder American citizens over tax collection. This was necessary, in the mind of Lincoln, if he was to deliver on what his party elected him to do: to enact a high protective tariff, give away pub- lic lands mostly to mining, railroad, and timber corporations, and lavish the railroad corporations, among others, with corporate welfare.

The over- whelming majority of Southern congressmen had for decades been ardent- ly opposed to all of these things.

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  6. But now, they must be forced into it, or so Lincoln thought, for the sake of revenue collection. At the time, the tariff on imports accounted for more than 90 percent of all federal tax revenues. Southerners as well as Northerners needed to be forced to pay for the empire of corporate welfare that the Republican Party hoped would keep it in power for decades. It did — the Republican Party essentially monopo- lized national politics for the next half century. That is why there had to be a war, in the minds of Lincoln and the Republican Party.

    They were per- fectly willing to enshrine slavery explicitly in the Constitution, but there would be no compromise over collecting the newly doubled tariff. Unionist mobs had col- laborated in that suppression of free speech during the summer of , destroying the offices of antiwar journals and attacking the editors. This was very differ- ent from the actual definition of treason in Article I, Section 3 of the U.

    The central government was to be their agent. This of course is exactly what Lincoln and the Republican Party did.

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    Their war on the South was the very definition of treason under the U. The U. Despite the totalitarian crackdown on Northern antiwar newspapers, there was still pervasive ver- bal opposition to the war in Northern cities. Hoxie — a crony of Republican governor Samuel Kirkwood.

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    Mahony had been preaching peace for months. Even Democrats running for Congress were imprisoned before elec- tion day, as was the case of William J. During the next several years hundreds of thousands of Northern men would be enslaved by conscription; hundreds of thousands of European mercenaries would be paid to wage war on Americans from the Southern states; hun- dreds of opposition newspapers would be shut down; a dissenting member of Congress, Clement Vallandigham of Ohio, would be deported; hundreds of draft protesters in New York City would be shot and killed in the streets by Union army soldiers; and the entire Constitution would be ignored.

    I have written elsewhere of how there was such a deser- tion crisis in the Union Army that entire regiments frequently deserted on the eve of battle. Rummel has documented see his book, Death by Government , and instigated wars that caused the deaths of millions more. Incredibly, the two-party duopoly that has long ruled America has adopted both fascism and socialism as the defining characteristics of our economic system.

    Call it Fascialism. It is a recipe for national economic suicide. The philosophy behind Italian fascism was virtually identical. There has been. This is exactly how the powers that be in Washington, D. Italian fascism created one gigantic bailout economy. In Fascist Italy the state pays for the blunders of private en- terprise. Profit is private and individual. Loss is public and social.

    Anyone who criticizes such things should be thrown into the Gu- lag, says Klein.

    The survivalist's guide to ‘Obamunism’ and beyond

    Joe Klein obviously believes so. All others are the responsibility of the people, respectively, and the states, according to the Tenth Amendment, which Thomas Jeffer- son considered to be the cornerstone of the document. These powers were delegated to the central government for the benefit of the sovereign states, who appointed the central government as their agent — mostly for issues regarding war and foreign policy — by adopting the Constitution.

    Waging war against the free and independent states is what constitutes treason under the U. Constitu- tion. But the worst thing that came of it — the thing that was the real purpose of the war — was the centralization of virtually all political power in Washington, D. After , the federal government became the sole decision maker with regard to the limits of its own powers.

    It exercised this decision-making power through the fed- eral judiciary and, as the Jeffersonians had always warned, it eventually declared that there were, in fact, no limits to its powers. It did this by adopting the income tax in , along with the creation of the vast legalized counterfeiting scheme known as the Federal Reserve.